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Buh-bye Magical Express: How to Get From Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World Resort

2021 is starting off where 2020 ended. . .more bad news.  This week, Disney fans were dealt a few blows including the end of Extra Magic Hours, so long to Disneyland Annual Passports, and the end of Disney's Magical Express Service beginning January 1, 2022.  I saw such a huge reaction on social media to this announcement - and for good reason.  Disney's Magical Express has been a staple in helping guests get to their resorts from Orlando International Airport for years - since 2005 to be exact.  So what does the end of Magical Express mean for your Walt Disney World Resort vacation?  What options do you have to get to your Disney resort property now?

Ride Share / Taxis

Let's start with probably the most obvious answer that comes to mind.  We all know that Uber, Lyft, and other ride share and taxi services are popular in tourist areas and Orlando is no different.  You can easily find these options at the airport and they will happily whisk you away to your happily ever after.  While many of us already are familiar with these services, there are a few downsides to note when deciding if this is right for you.  If I was traveling alone or just with my husband, this may be a great option.  But if I'm a mom juggling oodles of suitcases, worried about car seats, and wondering if my stuff will fit in the car that arrives, this option may stress me out a bit.  I have NEVER traveled with a car seat - which says something when you think about how much we traveled with our kids.  We always found options that guaranteed us car seats at our destination when needed.  To me, this is the biggest downfall of ride shares.  There are a lot of extra steps for young families.  The price is right though and this may be the best option for families with older kids and adult travelers.


The Magic of Disney's Magical Express

For guests staying on property at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, your vacation begins as soon as you arrive at Orlando International Airport.  Each Disney vacation is filled with first-class customer service and it starts with Disney's Magical Express.  So what makes this such a magical part of your vacation?

Who doesn't love seeing this sign from your seat on the Magical Express?
Prior to your trip, you'll receive luggage tags in the mail that you will want to attach to your checked bags.  The first sprinkle of pixie dust occurs when you don't have to worry about retrieving your checked luggage in Orlando!  These yellow tags will make sure that Walt Disney World cast members will get your luggage from the plane to your hotel room without you needing to lift a finger.  When you're excited to get to the parks, not having to visit baggage claim is a great perk!  Just make sure that anything you need as soon as you arrive does not have one of those yellow tags as it may take a few hours to arrive in your hotel.

Disney's Magical Express also provides free roundtrip transportation between the airport and your resort hotel.  After you land in Orlando, follow the signs to B1 (Ground Transportation) and you'll find Disney's Magical Express fleet of busses located at the end.  These motor coaches allow you travel to the resort in comfort and style while enjoying some videos as well about all the fun awaiting at Walt Disney World.  There are a number of busses awaiting guests and each makes stops at several resorts.  But don't worry about finding the right one - cast members will ensure you get on the right bus!
Riding with Daddy on the Magical Express!
And when your vacation is ending, Disney's Magical Express will once again be there to provide a ride for you back to the airport.  The night before your scheduled departure, you'll get a notice on your hotel room door with information regarding what time your pick-up is at your hotel.  Make sure that you are on time for your bus as there is a tight schedule to get everyone to the airport and if you miss your bus time, you may end up having to find another way to the airport.  Even at departure you might be able to be "hands free" when it comes to your luggage as Walt Disney World has partnered with several airlines to off Resort Airline Check-In where you can print your boarding passes and check you bags for your flight.

Taking advantage of this free service is easy!  Just make sure to include your flight information on your vacation reservation and Disney magic will take care of the rest!