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Mantra Labs - Chrono Bundle and Hydrate Product Review

Mantra Labs Chrono Bundle -

Self-care has never been more important in our daily rituals and the folks at Mantra Labs know that we all need a little "boost" to keep going strong.  I was excited to partner with this company and try their products as making good choices throughout the day can sometimes be hard.  I recently had the chance to try their Chrono Bundle and Hydrate products to review and honestly have to say that I'm thrilled to share just how amazing these products are with you.

Disclaimer: I received products from Mantra Labs to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Who is Mantra Labs? 

Mantra Labs specializes in making "simple, science-backed, plant-based nutrition." That's right, vegans (and even those of you who are vegan-ish like me) can rejoice in a product that fits your specific dietary needs while tasting delicious as well.  Their company is not just focused on physical health, but mental health too.  BibRave Ambassadors had a chance to chat with the company and you can tell this is much more than a career for them. . .it's a passion.


5 of the BEST Reasons to Get Knockaround Sunglasses!

Knockaround Sunglasses -

For several years now, I've been watching people I follow enjoying their Knockaround sunglasses and finally took the plunge in April purchasing my first pair.  Shortly after, I had the chance to work with them through my partnership with BibRave and review even more product.  The #1 comment I have to share about my Knockaround sunglasses - I wish I would have listened to my friends and bought them sooner!  Now I'm 5 pairs of Knockaround sunglasses in and I find myself stalking sales to add even more to my collection.  Why?  Find out the 5 BEST reasons to add some Knockarounds to your life.

Disclaimer: I received 2 pairs of Knockaround sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

1. Bang for Your Buck - Let's start with one of my favorite things about these sunnies, the price!  Long gone are the days of thinking that quality shades have to cost an arm and a leg.  With price points starting as low as $20 for adult sunglasses, you won't feel guilty adding so many pairs to your collection.  There's also frequent opportunities to score sales from their website.  

Knockaround Sunglasses -

2.  Function & Performance - I use these as my everything-in-one sunglasses.  I have several pairs of the sports sunglasses which have a rubber padding on the nose to reduce movement.  They are awesome to run in. . .and equally awesome to run errands in!  Knockaround sunglasses are lightweight and stay in place, making them a perfect choice for an active lifestyle.  Need some blue light blockers?  They've got those too. . .and so do I!  


Morning Bird Home: Jurassic World Bedding - A Walk on the Wild Side!

My kiddos are big fans of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous on Netflix so when the opportunity came to try a set of Jurassic World bedding from Morning Bird Home, we jumped at the chance.  I surprised Caleb with a bedroom makeover while he was out of the house at his grandparents one day and he was so excited when he came home.  Check out his reaction below:

Thanks to Morning Bird Home and Collaboration Nation for gifting us a Jurassic World Bedding set to share with our readers!

Caleb's reaction was just the beginning!  After using the bedding for a few weeks now, we're happy to share a full review on the product and why this may be my favorite room makeover I've done yet!

Morning Bird Home: Jurassic World Bedding Set Review

There are several things that jump right out as big wins for me from the get go with this set.  First, is the coloring.  Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to theme a room.  From Star Wars, to Mickey Mouse, to the Lion King, to Jake and the Neverland Pirates - we've had a lot of themes over the years.  One thing kids character themed bedding always seems to have in common though is bold colors and a "loudness" to it.  That has never bothered me, but I have to say that I was instantly in love with the fact that his bedding set is Jurassic World themed, but uses all muted colors - blues and off white to bring the dinosaurs to life - not what you would expect.  It makes the room looks more "grown up" which is exactly the look I was hoping for as he wraps up kindergarten and moves into first grade.

Beyond the look, let's talk quality.  The bedding set included a full/queen duvet cover, knit throw, 2 shams, and a full sheet set including fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases.  All of the Morning Bird Home products are made with 100% organic cotton.  When I first unboxed, I was worried that the duvet cover and sheets may feel a little stiff, but after a quick wash they became so super soft, I wished I was crawling into that bed!  I'm so used to buying character bedding sets that quite frankly look nice, but feel cheap that having a quality made kids bedding set was a really nice change of pace.

I have to say, this new room is simply amazing.  If Jurassic World isn't a popular choice for your kids, check out the full selection of character bedding over on Morning Bird Home's website for great options from PAW Patrol, Frozen, DC Comics, and more!  These bedding sets will delight kids and parents alike.  Drop your favorite character set in the comments below - or one that you'd like to see them do in the future! 


Stomp Into Spring! - Fun for the Whole Family

Stomp Into Spring -

I recently had a chance to sample some fun products and Stomp Into Spring!  My boys and I are ready for the warmer weather, time outside, and longer days - how about you?!?

Thank you to Stomp Rocket, Silver Buffalo, and SunStaches as well as my friends at Collaboration Nation for sending me these products to review!

Part of our package was a Stomp Rocket for us to enjoy as a family.  If you haven't seen Stomp Rocket yet, it's a toy that is completely kid-powered.  Included in our package was a launcher and three stunt planes - one that was made to fly high and two made more specifically for stunt loops.  My kids were excited that the package talked about launching planes 100 ft. in the air.  It took a little time for my youngest to get the hang of where to step and how hard to step to launch the rockets, but we got there and he was launching them before long.  The stunt planes don't fly as high, but take off with some cool loops to watch as they fly.  And that high flying rocket?  Well, we had a casualty at our house when it comes to that plane.  When my oldest came home, he launched that one so high that it ended up on the roof of our house!  Each storm that passes, we keep watching to see if it will find it's way back down to us!