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Muppet Babies: They Make Birthday Dreams Come True!

When it came time to plan a birthday party in quarantine (yes. . .it's 2021 and we STILL can't see people), I decided to try and make the as special as I could for my almost 6 year old.  He was going to have his own special day where we would do what he wanted to do and celebrate how he wanted to celebrate - even if it was just us.  I asked him what theme he wanted for his birthday and he said without hesitation - Muppet Babies.  I immediately went into panic mode.  

Muppet Babies Birthday -

Muppet Babies isn't a new concept.  I remember watching Muppet Babies as a child growing up, but Disney Junior rebooted the series several years ago and my littlest has been obsessed with it ever since.  In fact, he runs around the house and will tell a new joke or say something about being brave and when we asked where he learned these things, he'll often say "I learned it on Muppet Babies!"  So with such a great show that means so much to him, why did I panic?  Apparently retailers don't realize how awesome Muppet Babies is for kids.  No Muppet Babies decorations at Party City.  No Muppet Babies decorations or toys at Target.  What is a mom supposed to do?  Time to get creative and put the power of the Internet to work!