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And Speaking of Fantasmic. . .

This nighttime spectacular is so fantastic that it deserves it's own post!  Fantasmic is part fireworks, part water spectacular, and part stage show which tells the journey of good vs. villains as Mickey Mouse's dreams take shape. In this show, you will see some of Disney's most famous villains and also some of the most celebrated heroes.  The music is a mix of some of the best from Disney soundtracks.  A word of warning - this show can be somewhat scary for little ones so keep that in mind if you're traveling with young children.  Below is a "mashup" of some video I took from the show on our most recent trip.  There are so many live characters that are a part of the show - it's hard to keep track!

The show takes place off of Sunset Boulevard in an amphitheater setting.  You can get your seat in one of three ways:

  • Stand in line and wait - Not recommended - Standby seating for Fantasmic is limited and in high demand.  For this reason, lines for entrance start forming 2 hrs before the show.  I don't know about you, but there are too many other awesome attractions to see in Hollywood Studios to wait in line that long for Fantasmic.
  • Use one of your FP+ reservations - Not a terrible choice - FP+ seating will guarantee you a seat, and a pretty good one, for the show.  The problem is that Fantasmic is a Tier 1 FastPass which means if you reserve this in advance, you have to miss out on the chance to grab a FastPass+ reservation for Toy Story Midway Mania or Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.  In my opinion, those other rides are a better use of your FP+ then Fantasmic.
  • Book the Fantasmic Dining Package - Best option - Think of this as the ultimate dinner and show.  For a fixed price, you get lunch or dinner at Hollywood & Vine, The Hollywood Brown Derby, or Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano.  Upon the completion of your meal, you get your voucher for your reserved seating to Fantasmic.  These also happen to be the best seats in the amphitheater - front and center.  Best value on the dining package?  Check out Hollywood & Vine for lunch (it's also a character meal!) or Mama Melrose's for dinner ($37.99 for appetizer, entree, dessert, and Fantasmic voucher!)
There have also been very recent stories about Walt Disney World exploring with some reserved seating options to improve the Fantasmic experience.  Keep an eye out for any changing information about seating in the future.

If you haven't yet had a chance to experience Fantasmic, don't miss it on your next trip!  The show runs most nights and they will sometimes offer two shows during the summer months and busy holiday seasons.  Come enjoy this magical gathering of dreams!

Food, Fun, and Fantasmic!

If you're looking for a nice place to take a break while enjoying Disney's Hollywood Studios, look no further than Mama Melrose's.  I've travelled to Walt Disney World a good number of times in my life, and wish I would have discovered this gem of an Italian restaurant sooner.

We visited Mama Melrose's as part of the Fantasmic Dinner Package.  This package is a fixed price meal which also includes premium reserved viewing for the first Fantastic show.  Hollywood & Vine and The Hollywood Brown Derby also participate in this package deal.  In addition to dinner, these packages are also offered for lunch.  One word of warning - they are extremely popular and reservations typically book quickly.  Also, dining reservations for this package are typically offered at "odd" times; think lunch at 2:45 or dinner at 4:15.  At Mama Melrose's, the package costs $37.99.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that we could select one appetizer and one entree off of the menu, without any limitations!

For my appetizer, I chose the calamari.  Calamari is one of those dishes that can be difficult to cook correctly, but the chefs here nailed it!  It was crispy and included three delicious dipping sauces.  For my entree, I selected the Charred Strip Steak.  The seasonings and reduction brought out a myriad of flavors and the five-cheese macaroni that came with it was decadent!  The dinner ended with a nice dessert sampler.  For the price, it was a great value and a yummy dinner.

After dinner and some more time enjoying Hollywood Studios, we were able to go to our special "Fantasmic Dinner Package" entrance to the show.  The seats for the dining package are the best in the theatre - perfectly center and no worries about arriving 90 minutes before the show to get them.  As a family with young kids, this perk of not spending over an hour in line waiting to enter the show is a HUGE perk and would make the dinner package worth it regardless of cost or experience.  However, the great dinner at Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano combined with a very reasonable price make this an opportunity not to be missed!