Mantra Labs - Chrono Bundle and Hydrate Product Review

Mantra Labs Chrono Bundle -

Self-care has never been more important in our daily rituals and the folks at Mantra Labs know that we all need a little "boost" to keep going strong.  I was excited to partner with this company and try their products as making good choices throughout the day can sometimes be hard.  I recently had the chance to try their Chrono Bundle and Hydrate products to review and honestly have to say that I'm thrilled to share just how amazing these products are with you.

Disclaimer: I received products from Mantra Labs to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Who is Mantra Labs? 

Mantra Labs specializes in making "simple, science-backed, plant-based nutrition." That's right, vegans (and even those of you who are vegan-ish like me) can rejoice in a product that fits your specific dietary needs while tasting delicious as well.  Their company is not just focused on physical health, but mental health too.  BibRave Ambassadors had a chance to chat with the company and you can tell this is much more than a career for them. . .it's a passion.

Mantra Labs Chrono Bundle

The Chrono Bundle features three different products with specific vitamins and nutritional support for various times of the day.  Rise, Go, and Rest are designed to easily mix with water and enjoy on the go, but there are delicious variations to vary how you enjoy them.  Mantra Labs shares A LOT of great information with their customers and I received an email one day with some "recipes" for my Chrono Bundle.  My favorites?  I started making a breakfast shake using frozen bananas, mangoes, and peaches paired with a Rise packet and some orange juice as a breakfast-on-the-go option.  

In my opinion, the perfect way to end the day is with a cup of tea - simply mix your Rest packet with hot water for a yummy Lemon Chamomile treat!  I've never slept better than on the nights I have that cup of tea.

Mantra Labs Hydrate

Whether your an athlete or just a busy individual on-the-go, staying hydrated is one of the most important keys to our health that is often overlooked.  But hydration doesn't have to mean just plain water or sugary sports drinks.  Mantra Labs has created a product that tastes delicious and provides vitamins and electrolytes that our body needs without any of the sugar.  

Mantra Labs Hydrate -

Just like the Chrono Bundle, simplicity is key with this product being easy to add to a bottle of water during a run or heading to take your kids to sports practice.  Available in two fantastic flavors, fruit punch and lemonade, it has made getting my daily water intake even more enjoyable.  

I love how I feel using this product regardless of whether or not my day has included a hard workout or just a hard day of working and 'mom'-ing.  Ready to check out Mantra Labs for yourself?  Visit them at and use code MANTRAH25 to save 25% off your first order!



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