Are runDisney Virtual Races Worth the Price? - 2021 Star Wars Virtual Rival Run 10K Recap

Star Wars Virtual Rival Run 10K -

All magic comes with a price, right?  Well, runDisney fans are no stranger to paying good money for some magical miles, but as the COVID-19 pandemic changed the face of racing in 2020 and into 2021 the question remains - is a runDisney virtual race worth the price?  I ran my first runDisney virtual race in 2021, the Star Wars Rival Run 10K and in this race recap, I'll break down the whole experience.

Registering for runDisney Virtual Races

Star Wars Virtual Rival Run 10K -

runDisney used to use a third party platform to process their race registrations, but now they have their own portal through the runDisney site - but the 6.6% processing fee still exists.  The registration process is quick and easy, and, if you already have a Disney account, it links with that account and some of your core information transfers over.  

As far as virtual experience options, runDisney has a number to choose from when registering.  Runners can select a single race or a challenge - just like when you run in person at the parks.  However, participants will get to choose whether they want to register and just receive a medal or register and receive a medal and a t-shirt.  I paid right around $50 for my race and medal - adding a shirt would have cost me roughly another $25.  The prices are steep for registration compared to some other race experiences and what you get for them, but the themes can't be beat.  

The runDisney Virtual Race Experience

Star Wars Virtual Rival Run 10K -

Star Wars was one of the runDisney weekends I hadn't had a chance to run before which is part of why I picked this race to run.  Once registering, you have access to a runDisney portal as race day nears with some more information, exclusive discount codes (think your "race goodie bag"), and your inbox will be filled with emails and articles from runDisney to prep for the race.  They do the social media and pre-race presence better than any other virtual race I had participated in during the past year.  It really helped to generate excitement leading up to race day!  Runners can also print out a custom bib and mile markers to use on the day of the race.

One of my favorite things about a virtual race is that you can be "flexible" with your race day and time if needed.  In my excitement for virtual running events, I scheduled two virtual races for the same day - the Blue Ridge Anthem Star 10K and the Star Wars Rival Run 10K.  I opted to run the Blue Ridge race on the actual race day and followed up with my Star Wars 10K two weeks later.  What made that even sweeter?  By doing that, I received my Star Wars medal BEFORE running the race - a preference I have for virtual running anyway - and was able to do some fun medal pics on the day I finished running.  

Star Wars Virtual Rival Run 10K -

Setting up a virtual race experience was so much fun for this particular event!  I love when I can "theme a race" and this one lended itself beautifully to that.  I wore a "Princess in Running Shoes" t-shirt to channel my inner Leia and kept with a black and white outfit as the 10K medal was inspired by both Leia (Light Side) and Stormtroopers (Dark Side).  I took a light saber with me on my run to grab a few race course photos and used my son's large stormtrooper to the finish line and got my own "character photos" just like on real runDisney course.  

The medal is absolutely gorgeous and of the same quality I've received from other runDisney races.  As I mentioned earlier, I really appreciate having my medal available when I finish running to take some immediate post-race medal photos. . .just like on a real race day.  I've gone back and forth with regretting getting a shirt.  This was one of my favorite virtual race experiences - right up there with the Wonder Woman Run and Batman Run!

Are runDisney Virtual Races Worth the Price?

Star Wars Virtual Rival Run 10K -

I loved this virtual race experience and would definitely runDisney again - if the theme is right.  The price isn't cheap which means that I can't see myself running several runDisney virtual events in a year, but the price also wouldn't deter me from registering for one that I was really excited about dressing up and doing in my own neighborhood.  With the COVID-19 vaccine becoming readily available, maybe we'll be back to in person racing soon.  I hope runDisney continues to expand virtual options though even when in-person returns.  It's a great way for Disney fans to race if you can't afford the trip to Florida or can't take the time off of work.  And judging by the popularity - they all usually end up selling out - I think that runners have spoken on their enjoyment of the race experience!

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