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WhitePaws RunMitts - www.runningonpixiedust.com

Mittens aren't just for kids anymore!  If you're a runner and haven't thought about using mittens before (like I was), then this is the review for you.  There was a lot that interested me about trying WhitePaws RunMitts - they were a local business being from Baltimore (and me from a suburb about 45 minutes west) and a black-owned small business.  Being from Maryland, I'm used to running in all kinds of weather in the winter.  One day can be in the 60s, the next in the 20s with snow, and then back to the 40s and rain.  The joke in Maryland in the winter is that if you don't like the weather - just wait 5 minutes.  With that in mind, it's important to be prepared for anything!

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My WhitePaws RunMitts

I chose to try out the Wind and Water Resistant RunMitts.  With the weather being so crazy around Maryland in the winters, I wanted to be prepared for anything and one thing I can't stand is being wet.  The Wind and Water Resistant RunMitts are one option on the website as well as the Double Velour Fleece.  My choice came in one color option - black - which was fine for me because I generally choose simple colors anyway.  If you like to add more color to your RunMitts, the fleece options offer several bright and fun color choices.

WhitePaws RunMitts - www.runningonpixiedust.com

WhitePaws RunMitts Fit

I'll be honest. . .this was the most nerve wrecking part of waiting for my RunMitts to arrive.  WhitePaws RunMitts come in 3 different sizes and there is a sizing guide to use on the website.  I'm never confident measuring and making choices on things I usually don't size to buy - like mittens.  I was right on the edge between a small and a medium and opted to go with the small because nobody wants floppy mittens, right?  When they arrived, they fit just fine but I think I would have also been OK with the medium size as well as these really "hugged" my hands.  My recommendation is that if you're on the border between two sizes think about what you want - a more snug fit or something with a little more space.  After experiencing the product, I don't think "floppy" mittens would have been a concern at all.

The mittens are convertible which means that you can fold down the tops without taking the mittens off and losing them.  WhitePaws RunMitts has a great video on YouTube the shows how they work - check it out!

WhitePaws RunMitts - Are they functional?

Some people may wonder if mittens are really OK to run in during the winter.  It was a little adjustment at first to not have my thumb while I was running - just a different feel than I'm used to, but I quickly got used to it and can honestly say my hands never felt warmer.  It was also easy to fold back the top of my mittens and access my watch, my phone, or whatever else I needed.

I've also used my WhitePaws RunMitts for my outdoorsy life besides running this winter.  We have a new puppy this winter and I try to get her out for some longer walks at least a few times a week.  I used my RunMitts while walking her a few times and they worked great.  When I needed to pick up some "doggie doodie," it was easy to pull the mittens back, pick up her business, and then cover my hands back up.  That was actually easier than when I wear traditional gloves because I usually find myself taking gloves off to be able to do that and then I'd be juggling gloves on top of everything else.

The mittens did exactly as promised - they are wind and water resistant, kept my hands warm, and were easy to use.  I'm excited to continue to use them through the final few weeks of winter and I know when winter rears it's ugly head again next year, I'll be prepared for whatever it throws at me with my WhitePaws RunMitts!

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