Welcome to Cumberland, MD - A Great Place for Active Families!

During the summer of COVID, our family has been hanging closer to home like many others.  So rather than boarding planes and planning large vacations, we grabbed our bikes and headed to many of the great local destinations to get outside, stay active, and spend time together.  One of the places we spent a weekend was nearby Cumberland, MD.  At just about 2 hours from our door, it's a great distance for a quick getaway.  While we've passed through Cumberland before, we really hadn't taken the time to truly visit the area.  During our visits, we enjoyed good food, friendly hospitality, and many outdoors-y activities for our family.  

Where We Stayed:  Fairfield Inn and Suites - Cumberland

As many of you know, paying for a hotel room is something our family tries to avoid - and we've been fortunate to avoid that often over the years thanks to points accrued through travel and travel credit cards.  We had a small amount of Marriott points that had been hanging out there for a while, but it was the perfect amount to grab 2 nights at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Cumberland.  The hotel location was absolutely perfect for what we were looking for during our stay.  We were planning on biking the C&O Canal as part of my son's summer quest to complete both the C&O Canal Towpath and the Great Allegheny Passage.  The hotel is quite literally on the C&O Canal Towpath - simply pedal your bike and roll out of the hotel parking lot!  But the location wasn't just great for cycling.  It was an easy walk to get around Cumberland and there are many great restaurants and entertainment options just outside the hotel in Canal Place.  The only caution to be aware of is that we happened to be there on nights that live bands were playing along the canal and at a nearby bar.  I don't know if this is always a concern in the summertime, or if the social distancing of COVID simply means more outdoor music this summer, but it was pretty noisy in our room until about 10PM.  It didn't stop our littles from falling asleep, but was very noticeable to us.

Fairfield Inn & Suites - Cumberland, MD

Besides the location, we were also really pleased with the hotel's COVID policies and features.  Fairfield Inn and Suites offers a free, hot breakfast each day.  During COVID, instead of the breakfast line being self-serve, they had hotel staff that would take your order, make your plate, then hand it off to you.  It's buffet breakfast food - not the best, but certainly good enough to get you out the door.  Waffles and/or oatmeal are always my go-to meals in these situations.  There is also an indoor pool and hot tub that was a great place to spend the afternoon.  During COVID, guests have to sign up for a time slot and no more than 6 people can be in the area during any one time spot.  Our family of 4 had the place to ourselves for our 90 minutes and enjoyed the chance to relax and unwind.  The hotel rooms are pretty standard - 2 queen beds for us, TV, nice bathroom.  Everything was clean and well maintained!

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Where to Eat in Cumberland

We've been in Cumberland several times over the summer - sometimes just passing through and sometimes for an overnight.  With the time we spent in this Western MD city, we've quickly found some favorite places to visit for a meal while in town.  Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Crabby Pig - Located right in Canal Place, this restaurant has ample outdoor seating (so important for COVID), live music, a casual atmosphere, kid-approved kid's menu, and yummy food.  This is a good place to sit and unwind after a long day on the trails!
  • Charis Winery - We really enjoy trying local wineries when we travel and were happy to find this little gem.  Also located in Canal Place, it was convenient to our hotel and had lots of outdoor seating as well.  The owner served us on both of our visits and was wonderful to talk to about how his winery started and the development of his wines.  Bonus points if you're traveling with kids - they have delicious lemonade made locally served in glass bottles.  My boys felt very grown up drinking their "fancy" drinks while mom and dad had a tasting.  
Charis Winery

  • Puccini Restaurant - Located right off of I-68, Puccini is a great find just a few miles outside of Cumberland.  As a vegetarian, I was happy to find a Beyond Meat Burger on the menu.  The wood-fired pizzas here were a big hit at our table as well.  Like the others, the easy location and several decks of outdoor seating made this a great choice.
  • Dig Deep Brewing Co. - This brewery was directly next to our hotel which made it very convenient.  While we didn't try any of their beverages while visiting, we did enjoy some of their entertainment.  They have live music on the weekends and also feature food trucks as they don't have their own menu.  I grabbed Thai food from the CVC food truck the weekend we were there and it was very good!

What To Do Around Cumberland, MD

When I think of traveling to Cumberland, I immediately think of getting outside.  Downtown is where the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Trails meet.  These trails are popular for bikers, hikers, and runners and it was these trails that brought us to Cumberland this summer.  Everything is well-marked and well-maintained in town with these trails.  There's also a train between Frostburg and Cumberland that you can take your bike on normally.  The train wasn't running this summer due to COVID, but we'll be back to check that out when they're up and running again!

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Visiting the Paw Paw Tunnel

There is also plenty of outdoor space to enjoy at nearby Rocky Gap State Park.  One of our favorite places to see was the Paw Paw Tunnel located on the C&O Canal.  It was so dark in there we really needed our flashlights!  There are so many beautiful natural areas to explore, you won't be disappointed.  



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