SeaWorld Orlando - The Best Roller Coaster

SeaWorld Orlando - Entrance to Manta

When vacationers think of Orlando theme parks, SeaWorld usually comes to mind, but might not be at the top of lists.  While it's true that there is a lot for young kids to love here (sea animals, Sesame Street Land, cute shows, and much more!), there is plenty of adventure for adults as well.  While I had done my research and heard that there were some stellar coasters at SeaWorld Orlando, I wasn't quite prepared for how amazing some of the rides would be.  With three big coasters - Kraken, Manta, and Mako - roller coaster fans will find plenty to enjoy. Let's break down each ride and I'll share which one was my favorite.

SeaWorld Orlando - Roller Coasters and Quick Queue Pass

Before we start, I should mention that my family and I had purchased Quick Queue passes for the day we were at the park.  Unlike FastPass+ at Walt Disney World, there are no "freebies" that come with your admission ticket.  We found Quick Queue Unlimited passes on a Black Friday sale so we figured it was worth it to give it a go.  This got us unlimited access to most of the popular rides including Mako, Manta, Infinity Falls, Wild Arctic, Antartica: Empire of the Penguin, Journey to Atlantis, and Kraken.  It was a good value to not have to wait in lines with little kids and also allowed us to revisit our favorite attractions again and again.

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SeaWorld Orlando - Mako

SeaWorld Orlando Roller Coasters - Mako

Let's first talk about Mako.  Mako is currently Orlando's tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster.  At speeds in excess of 73 MPH and at a height of more than 200 feet, you certainly feel that distinction as a thrill seekers dream.  Mako does not go upside down so riders are restrained with a lap bar in open car seating which makes the coaster feel even more exciting.  I love that sensation of your butt lifting off a seat while you ride a coaster and you will certainly have that feeling time and time again here!! 

SeaWorld Orlando Roller Coasters - Manta

Talk about a roller coaster that is unique!  Manta was my first experience riding a roller coaster from the "flying" position.  That's right!  Inspired by the beautiful and majestic Manta Rays, this coaster takes guests from a seated loading position to flying before you leave the station.  It felt a little awkward as your body is strapped in so tightly.  I enjoyed the unique ride experience, but felt that between the restraint and being in the middle row, I didn't really "see" anything while riding.  I'd love the chance to go back again and ride from the front row.  One of the coolest sensations on the ride was skimming the water - just like a sting ray! 

SeaWorld Orlando Roller Coasters - Kraken

The most traditional of the roller coasters at SeaWorld in my opinion is Kraken, but even this ride has a non-traditional twist as Orlando's only floorless coaster.  Guests sit up right and wear over-the-should harnesses to prepare for twists, turns, loops, and heights of over 150 feet.  It's fast and full of adventure, just like the mythical Kraken it's named after!  While I enjoyed this ride, I did feel like it was something I had "done" before.  
SeaWorld Orlando - Manta

SeaWorld Orlando Roller Coasters - What's My Favorite?

Time for the big reveal!  (Although the excitement of which I wrote about them may have given something away.)  While I love trying new things and Manta was certainly unlike anything else I have ever experienced, nothing quite excites me like the pure speed and height of Mako.  Wowsa!  That roller coaster will leave you catching your breath and begging for more.  I had so much fun riding it and look forward to riding again!

Have you been to SeaWorld Orlando before?  Which coaster is your favorite??

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