IMAX Films Coming to Hulu This Summer!

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If you're anything like us right now, somedays we feel like we're beginning to reach the end of the television after so much time at home.  That means our household gets even more excited about new titles hit our streaming services.  And both the mom and educator in me gets super excited when those titles are educational as well as entertaining!  Luckily, Hulu is coming to the rescue with a significant number of IMAX titles heading to households over the next few weeks.  

What can you expect from an IMAX movie?

Typically, we see IMAX movies in grand theaters at science centers, museums, etc., but viewers can still expect greatness on the small screen.  IMAX movies debuted in 1970 and since then has brought transported humans to some pretty amazing places - from outer space to the depths of the ocean and everything in between!  Along the way, IMAX movies have been recognized for their excellence with Academy Award nominations and have been home to many celebrity voices including Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Bell, and more.  So long story short, if you're a Hulu subscriber - you're in for a real treat!

What IMAX movies are heading to Hulu?

Several titles are already available and more are coming in July.  Check out the complete list below (descriptions courtesy of IMAX):
  • A Beautiful Planet (Available Now) - A breathtaking portrait of Earth from space.  Made in cooperation with NASA, the film features stunning footage of our magnificent blue planet - and the effects humanity has had on it over time - captured by the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

  • Pandas: An IMAX Original Film (Available Now) - A heartwarming story about the adventures of Qian Qian, a captive-born giant panda cub who's destined for life in the wild.

  • Superpower Dogs (Coming July 2020) - Join an immersive adventure to experience the life-saving superpowers and extraordinary bravery of some of the world's most remarkable dogs.
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  • Destiny in Space (Available Now) - Featuring images of the space shuttle in orbit around the Earth and thrilling flyovers of Mars and Venus, the film focuses on the dramatic partnership of humans and robots working in space.

  • Fires of Kuwait (Available Now) - An eloquent visual testimony to the remarkable resourcefulness and heroism of the men and women who extinguished and controlled over 600 burning and gushing oil wells sabotaged by retreating Iraqi troops in the aftermath of the Gulf War.

  • Galapagos (Available Now) - Delves deep into the largely unknown waters surrounding the volcanic archipelago to explore the natural wonders of a realm that is truly a living natural science laboratory.

  • Hail Columbia! (Coming June 2020) - Experience on of humankind's crowning achievements - the inaugural voyage of the world's first space shuttle.

  • Into the Deep ( Available Now) - The film captures unique marine life and magnificent underwater vistas.  Dive under the sea to the kelp forests of the southern coast of California and discover a living, breathing kaleidoscope.

  • Journey to the South Pacific (Available Now) - Takes audiences on a breathtaking adventure to the lush tropical islands of remote West Papua.

  • Space Station (Available Now) - Travel 220 miles above Earth at 17,500 mph to experience the greatest engineering feat since landing a man on the Moon.  

  • Survival Island (Available Now) - The story of vast animal cities of penguins, albatrosses, fur seals and elephant seals and the order that lies beneath their seeming chaos.

  • The Dream is Alive (Available Now) - You're invited to a window seat on board the space shuttle and an inside look at the astronauts living in space.  Experience the sensation of weightlessness and the splendor of Earth from 250 miles up.
Image from IMAX

  • T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (Available Now) - Follow a paleontologist's daughter on a wondrous pre-historic adventure as she is magically transported back through 65 million years to the Cretaceous Period.  As she encounters the 20-foot tall, 15-ton Tyrannosaurus Rex, discover how these incredibly majestic and fierce animals lived during a time that is almost impossible for us to imagine.

  • China: The Panda Adventure  (Coming July 2020) - The true story of Ruth Harkness, a fiercely independent woman who travels to the mysterious forests of China to follow in her late husband's footsteps and achieve his dream of bringing the first live giant panda to America.

  • Horses: The Story of Equus (Coming July 2020) - The story of three horses born on the same day whose lives take very different paths.  One becomes a racehorse where his overwhelming instinct to run is highly valued.  The second is trained as a stunt horse where his capacity for learning and individual nature triumph.  The third horse joins the herds in the wild.

  • The Secret Life of Earth (Coming July 2020) - Discover the interdependence between plants and animals and the key developments that made possible the web of life - since evolved and now endangered. 


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