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Finding yourself inside and unable to go to school can be difficult for everyone.  Parents are worried and stressed about, well, everything right now and know that your kids are also feeling some of that worry as well.  While little minds may not be able to understand everything that is happening, they do know that their daily lives are being disrupted with not being able to go to school, not playing with friends, and not seeing family members outside of their own house.  Times like these call for good old fashioned family time to make everyone feel a bit better.  I've compiled a list of some of my favorite movies currently on Disney+ that you can enjoy with your family. . .either just for fun or with an educational component!  Check them out!

Lady and the Tramp

I loved this remake of the animated classic, probably even more than I liked the original.  Here is my review of the film if you're wondering if it's right for your family.  Looking for a way to turn this into a family fun night?  Why not set up your own Tony's restaurant! Your kids can design menus including pasta, breads, salads, and drinks.  They can take orders and add up a bill to practice some of those math skills.  Then your family can enjoy a night of spaghetti and meatballs while watching Lady and the Tramp come to life in your living room!

The Lion King - Walt Disney Studios

The Lion King

Another live action remake, the 2019 version of The Lion King is also currently streaming on Disney+.  There are so many ways you can connect this to a day of homeschooling.  From geography (talking about Africa) to animals, it's easy to have fun with this movie.  I also have a link to FREE educational materials Disney Studios put together in my review.  If you want to see some of these animals too, many zoos are offering virtual tours during this time of social distancing.

Frozen 2

Another fun movie night, Disney+ treated families everywhere to a special surprise when they released Frozen 2 three full months ahead of schedule.  Be prepared to sing along to the catchy music in this one and check out the link to family activities that's included in my review of this movie.  You could create a writing prompt for your kids at the end of the movie to put their imaginations and writing skills to the test.  Ask them to write what they think happens to Anna and Elsa next?  Maybe they are coming up with ideas we may see in Frozen 3??


About a year ago, I went to see Disneynature's Penguins in theaters.  It was honestly the first Disneynature film that I watched and I really enjoyed it.  There is a great blend of storytelling combined with great educational information.  My boys were just 4 and 7 at the time, and while it wasn't as interesting to them as some of their animated favorites, it did hold their attention.  Penguins is not currently on Disney+, but there are several other Disneynature films.  In fact, we just started watching Chimpanzees today!  You'll be happy to know that the Disneynature website also has educator guides to accompany these films so you can both enjoy them and learn from them at the same time!

Toy Story 4 - Walt Disney Studios / Pixar

Toy Story 4

Also streaming on Disney+ is Toy Story 4.  This is another easy one to create a family movie night around.  In fact, prior to the release of the film, I wrote a post on things to do BEFORE watching the movie. . .but some of them can be done now too!  You can make a pizza and create your own Pizza Planet.  Then before, during, or after the movie, put your child's creative juices to the test to make their own Forky or create their own toy using all of those toilet paper rolls that are piling up around the house!! For more ideas, check out the post here.

Bonus - Marvel's Hero Project

I just had to point out that this is a wonderful series that you may not have noticed yet on Disney+.  Part of what kids learn in school is character education curriculum too and there's no better way to find inspiring stories than in this series.  Check out my preview of this series and tune in with your kids to see everyday children doing amazing things!

In these unprecedented times, let's all continue to work together and share ideas to support our families!  Drop information in the comments and let me know what else you have found on Disney+ to both have fun with and educate your little ones during your time at home.



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