Pool Deck Guide for the Disney Dream

Disney Cruise Line Pools and Slides

Can we just take a minute and pay tribute to the amazingness that is the pool deck on the Disney Dream??

OK.  Thanks.  

Seriously though, if you have never been on a Disney Cruise Line vacation, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. . .and if the price is worth it.  There are several areas where I feel like Disney has other cruise lines beat, but one of the most obvious for me is when it comes to the pool deck.  We recently sailed again on the Disney Dream and here's a quick recap of what you can expect to see on the pool deck with your family.

Where can I swim?

Disney Cruise Line Pools and Slides
When you think of a pool deck, the first things that comes to mind is swimming and you'll be happy to find not one, but two pools to enjoy.  The Mickey Pool is the smaller and shallower of the two pools.  While my 4 year old wore a flotation device (yes, they are available on board!) in this pool as well as the other, he could easily touch in the Mickey Pool which is, as you may have guessed, shaped like everyone's favorite mouse.  Not one to be outdone, Donald also has his own pool on the pool deck.  This is a more traditional pool and is deeper than the Mickey Pool.  The Donald Pool is perfect for floating, swimming, and relaxing.  Have one that's still a little too small for the pool, the Disney Dream also features Nemo's Reef on the pool deck.  A shaded play area designed for the tiniest sailors with oversized characters that squirt and splash!  Don't forget though that in order to use any of the pool ares on board, your child must be potty trained - no swim diapers.  Accidents in a pool at sea are not any fun!

Where can I slide?

Disney Cruise Line Pools and Slides

The Disney Dream is home to two water slides.  The Mickey slide is a twisty slide that looks like what you'd find at most playgrounds and ends in a small landing area of water - not a big pool.  Guests wishing to ride must be 38"to 64"and your are allowed to wear a life jacket on the slide if it makes your little ones feel better about giving it a try.  This is super kid friendly and the favorite spot for my 4 year old to hang out while on the pool deck.  Of course, Disney Cruise Line's more popular water "slide," or more accurately ride, is AquaDuck.  Giving a little bit more thrill to the experience, guests ride in a two person tube on a water coaster that takes you up and down hills as you slide above the pool deck and even over the side of the ship.  Lines can get long for this one, so plan accordingly.  We got back on the ship early the day we were on Castaway Cay and were able to ride throughout the afternoon with no wait as opposed to when we tried to ride on embarkation day and
had to wait in line 20 minutes.

Where can I eat?

The pool deck features a few dining options - almost all which come at no additional cost.  Cabanas buffet is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You can make a plate at the buffet and bring it out to one of the tables alongside the pool area while you're enjoying your day.  Similarly, Flo's V8 Cafe is actually outside on the opposite side of the deck from Cabanas and features grilled selections, sandwiches, pizza, salads, and fruit.  You'll find free soft serve ice cream also near the pool area and Vanellope's Sweet Shop which has more "designer" desserts at an additional cost.  You certainly won't go hungry while on board!

What else is there to do on the pool deck?

Disney Cruise Line Pools and SlidesHere you'll also find the Funnel Vision large movie screen which plays Disney movies throughout the day and night and sprinkles in some fun Disney trivia questions in between movies.  There are times that the pools are closed and covered for deck parties, such as the Sail Away Party and the Pirates in the Caribbean Party.  Of course, you can always catch some sun while out on the deck too with lots of lounge chairs.  Those seats do tend to fill up, especially during days at sea, so head out early to grab your spot.  Please note though that Disney is probably better than any other cruise line at monitoring "inactive chairs," meaning if they just see towels holding chairs for a long time without anyone using them, they will remove the towels and open up the seats.  Only take what you need and only keep your stuff there when you're actually using the pool as a courtesy to everyone!

Is there an adults-only area on the pool deck?

Yes there is!  One of our favorite spots to go is the Quiet Cove Pool while our kids are taking a break from the sun and playing at the kids club.  This spot is exclusively for guests 18 and over and features a pool, swim up bar, misters, a hot tub, and plenty of comfortable seating.  It's a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the main pool area and just take some "me" or "we" time on a cruise getaway.



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