Will There Be a Frozen 3?

The release of Frozen 2 has answered many questions for fans of the first film and has taken the box office by storm.  One of the lingering questions though that Frozen fans continue to ask is - will there be a Frozen 3???  Well, I don't know about that, but I do know that there are still more questions I have and more stories I want to see told from the Kingdom of Arendelle.  I'm going to keep this post as spoiler free as I can, but I do caution that there are some mild spoilers ahead so if you haven't seen Frozen 2 yet, you may want to hang on and read this after your visit to the movies.

Love Story of Anna & Elsa's Parents - In Frozen 2 we learn a lot more about Anna and Elsa's parents.  We find out how they first met and then what happened on that voyage that ultimately cost them their lives.  But I feel like there is still more I want to know about these two.   What was their love story like?  How did they go from little kids to adults who fell in love with one another?  We see their mother rescue their father and then they land in a wagon together, but we don't know how her sudden appearance in Arendelle is explained and how she grows up as an orphan in a strange land.  And after they fall in love and give birth to their first child, life only gets more complicated.  When did they first realize Elsa had powers and what did they make of this discovery?  It seems that magic and adventure is a part of this love story from the beginning and I think it would be a great tale to explore.

Kristoff's Backstory - Can we all just agree right now that Kristoff is simply amazing?  He is everything a woman would want - rugged mountain man with a heart of gold that wears his emotions on his sleeves.  I mean, that power ballad, says it all.  So where did he come from?  When we meet young Kristoff in Frozen, he is in the woods with his favorite reindeer friend, Sven.  They follow the King and Queen into the woods to seek the wisdom of the trolls and obviously end up becoming "family" with them.  Where are Kristoff's parents?  What was it like to be raised by the trolls?  I don't think I'm alone in wanting more Kristoff - especially if it involves more 80s musical numbers, right??

Anna and Kristoff's Wedding - Forget the royal weddings of Charles and Diana or Will and Kate, THIS would be the royal wedding event of all time.  Anna and Kristoff have a love that is pure and sweet.  They are both a bit clumsy from time to time (Kristoff's attempts to propose in Frozen 2 had me cracking up!) and have a way of bringing humor to every situation they touch.  This special event would be the perfect show!  What would the bride wear?  How about Sven and Olaf?  They would obviously be involved in the wedding party - maybe loosing the rings sometime before the ceremony??  I could write this script in about an hour if you're out there listening Disney - it practically writes itself!


So whether Frozen 3 is in the works as a major movie event remains to be seen, but with the new streaming service of Disney+ already a resounding success, Disney has yet another platform to tell more Frozen stories.  I'm hoping there is more in the works and I bet I'm not along in that desire.  So Disney, if you're out there listening, please give us more Frozen in the years to come!  Love, the loyal citizens and fans of Arendelle!


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