Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

At the D23 Expo a few weeks ago, the newest Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker footage was released to excited crowds.  I was one of the many anxiously awaiting the next look at this upcoming film releasing in December 2019, but little could prepare me for some of my own big reactions and unanswered questions.  Take a look at the trailer here and then let's look at 3 questions I'm waiting to have answered on this next journey to a galaxy far, far away.

Why is this film called "The Rise of Skywalker"? - OK.  So I guess this question didn't come EXACTLY from this footage as it's been on my mind for a while, but I find myself still speculating about all the things "The Rise of Skywalker" could mean.  Do we finally find out more about Rey's parents?  Is Kylo Ren as Anakin's grandson rising to power and creating an even larger Dark Side Empire?  Are we looking back to look forward?  This special look does incorporate footage from past films, as well as throwbacks to the Empire and Darth Vader and JJ Abrams has commented on seeing this as not only the final film in this trilogy, but a conclusion to all nine.  I'm not sure what it all means yet, but I'm sure that Star Wars fans everywhere will flock to theaters to find out!

Movie images from Walt Disney Studios
What will Leia's role be in this film? - With the passing of Carrie Fisher before the filming of Episode IX was completed, the production team had to get creative with how to use previously recorded footage of Leia to work into the film.  Leia has been a strong figure in both Episode VII and VIII, so we'll have to see how she factors into this newest chapter.  The footage here shows here in an area where it also looks like Rey is training in another clip.  Is Leia training Rey?  Preparing her for the rise of girl power on the Light Side?  Maybe to take over as a new general for the resistance?  I have to admit, I get a little teary eyed each time I watch this special look, but we know that her impact is strongly felt.

What's up with Dark Side Rey? - There is just that fleeting moment, but it's intense, where we see Rey donning the black robe and that switchblade red lightsaber.  I don't know about you, but I immediately had flashbacks to Darth Maul.  With the Emperor's voice, Darth Vader's breath, and clear channeling of the Dark Side, there is so much speculation.  Did Rey actually fall to the Dark Side? Is this a clone? A vision?  I can't wait to find out!  And, confession, I don't know what I actually WANT it to mean.  Could we really go through nine episodes of good vs. evil to find out evil wins the day?  Wouldn't that be a plot twist?!?

I'm not sure what the answers to any of these questions are, but I do know that I am anxiously awaiting the release of this film to complete the Skywalker saga.  Make sure you are following Star Wars on all of the social media channels to keep up with the latest news and releases!



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