Frozen 2 - New Trailer and FREE Family Activities

Photo from Walt Disney Studios
I watched the new Frozen 2 trailer and I just can't "let it go!" The royal sisters of Arendelle make a return to the big screen in November 2019 to tell the next chapter and add some backstory all at one time in this upcoming release from Walt Disney Studios.

Let's recap what we know from our original film.  Frozen introduced us to Princesses Anna and Elsa who tragically lost their parents in a boating accident at sea.  During Elsa's coronation as the new Queen of Arendelle, a secret that she has been fighting to keep hidden for many years is revealed - she has magical powers that freeze items she touches.  During her coronation ball, Elsa becomes upset and the whole kingdom witnesses her powers in action.  Scared of what this means for her, her sister, and the future of Arendelle, Elsa retreats into the woods and plans to live a life outside of town.  Anna's deep love of her sister sends her looking for her - venturing into the frozen woodlands, where she meets Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and a magical snowman, Olaf.  Together, they find Elsa, but she refuses to return to Arendelle worried that she'll just bring destruction and misery to the kingdom.  During their argument, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna with an ice blast to the heart and Anna leaves to return to Arendelle.  Unbeknownst to everyone, Anna's plan to rescue her sister has led Prince Hans' officers to capture Elsa and bring her back.  Prince Hans has aspirations of taking over the kingdom and doesn't care who he hurts to get what he wants!  When Anna returns to the castle hurt and fighting for her life, Hans turns his back on her and then goes after Elsa who has escaped from prison.  Anna, knowing her sister is in danger, uses her last bit of strength to save her sister's life.  In the end, we find that it is love that melts a frozen heart and Arendelle is restored to it's un-frozen state with Queen Elsa once again reigning over her people and Hans being exiled from the kingdom.

The latest trailer for Frozen 2 definitely sheds more light on the story that's about to come to life on the big screen - just like our favorite snowman comes to life with Elsa's magic!  Let's take a look. . .

So what does it all mean?  It looks like we'll find out more about the origin of Elsa's powers as Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf journey into the Enchanted Woods.  I'm sure the journey will be an emotional one as we also have more interaction with Anna and Elsa's parents then just a fleeting glimpse of them that we saw in the original.  The kingdom of Arendelle appears to be in jeopardy with crazy weather (blowing leaves??) leaving the people wondering how their queen will save them yet again.  The bond between these sisters also seems to grow even stronger.  In the trailer, Elsa tells Anna "you can't follow me into fire" to which Anna replies "then don't run into fire."  As Olaf points out, mortal danger seems to follow this group of heroes wherever they go and I plan to be here for every minute of their next adventure.  

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