Giveaway from the New Mid-Atlantic Moms On-The-Go

So last week, I did a thing with some pretty awesome ladies.  I joined forces with Kristen and Rachel to start a new community, Mid-Atlantic Moms On-The-Go.  We hope to create a space to share #momlife, one adventure at a time.  There will be some travel tips, info on family friendly destinations in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond, product reviews, entertainment news, giveaways, and much, much more!  Speaking of giveaways, keep reading until the end for info on how to enter our first giveaway opportunity!!

So let's meet the Mid-Atlantic Moms!

Mid-Atlantic Mom Rachel
Meet Rachel Hi! My name is Rachel. I blog over at Pretty in Baby Food. I started blogging when my first child was born. I had recently become a stay at home parent and found the experience to be slightly lonely. Blogging was a way for me to get my feelings and experiences down on “paper”. Through the years my blog has changed and evolved with me, and my family. (We added baby number 2 to our family in early 2018, and I switched over to being a work from home parent for a small Architectural Business.) While I still write about parenting/mom life I also now write about other topics I feel passionate about such as Travel, Disney, and Entertainment. (With giveaways and twitter parties mixed in. Haha!)  I can truly say blogging has enriched my life. It has introduced me to so many different people across the world I would not have normally met. As well as opportunities for myself, and my family, I didn’t even know where out there. A prime example of both is meeting Kristi and Kristen, and forming Mid-Atlantic Mom’s On-the-Go. I am hoping, through our group, you will also be able to find a tribe/community as I have in these ladies. Welcome! 
Mid-Atlantic Mom Kristen

Meet Kristen - My name is Kristen and I’m Gen-Y Mama, the mama behind the blog “Did I Take a Shower Today?”. I started blogging a few months after my toddler was born, I was struggling with being out of the workforce and looking for something to keep my mind sharp. I formally held a position as a Marketing Coordinator where I wrote and organized the company blog. Now I am stay at home mom to two girls and blogging has allowed me to connect with parents across the country! Topics I cover include travel, reviews, crafts and simple (and I mean really simple) recipes. I am excited for this new venture with Kristi and Rachel and look forward to connecting with even more people through Mid-Atlantic Moms On-The-Go!

Mid-Atlantic Mom Kristi

And, then there's me! - I’m Kristi and you can find me sprinkling a bit of family magic over at Running on Pixie Dust! I started writing several years ago when my blog began as A Disney Loving Mom.  I began my blogging adventures out of a pure love of Disney and as a place to share reviews and travel tips to my favorite destination with people visiting the most magical place on Earth!  As time passed, I found my posts expanding beyond just Disney to include family fun, travel destinations, and entertainment which prompted the re-branding. I work as a middle school administrator as my full-time job and live in Maryland with my husband and two boys, ages 7 and 4.  We are truly a family “on-the-go” as we’re frequently taking off to explore new places and to create new memories at some of our favorites. I have truly discovered a network of passionate, intelligent, and hardworking individuals through my years blogging and look forward to building a community of Mid-Atlanitc Moms On-The-Go with Rachel and Kristen, as well as each of you!

Remember at the beginning of the post we mentioned giveaways?!? Well, we don't want to disappoint so we're getting started right out of the gate with our first one! As parents we know a cup of coffee in the morning is a must. Enter to win a copy of The New Rules of Coffee Book by the Founders of Sprudge, two coffee themed magnets from Birch Coffee, and a 12oz bag of Stan Lee signature blend from Onyx Coffee Lab.  Simply click here to start the entry process.

Mid-Atlantic Mom's Coffee Giveaway 

In the meantime, here are all of the social media platforms where you can find our new community.  Stop by, spend some time, introduce yourself, and don't forget to give us a like and a follow! 



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