Top 5 Disney Movies to Celebrate Dad

Dad.  He's there for us offering wisdom, guidance, and advice to guide us on our way.  It doesn't matter that I'm in my 30s, I still talk to my dad several times a week and he is still my hero. Dads play a special role throughout our lives and we love celebrating them, not just one day a year, but all year long!  In honor of Father's Day, let's take a look at some of my favorite movies from the Disney universe to celebrate dad and all he does for us!

Finding Nemo - Is there a better movie out there to show the love of a father?  After the tragic death of his wife and the loss of all but one of their eggs, Marlin devotes his life to caring for his only remaining child, Nemo.  But when Nemo feels a little smothered by dad's overprotective nature and ventures out into the waters of the drop off, he finds himself taken by a scuba diver and whisked off to Sydney, Australia.  Now it's up to dad to travel the ocean, facing his own fears in the process, to save his son and be reunited once again.  And not only do you have the dad / son duo of Nemo and Marlin to love in this movie, but the totally cool dudes Crush and Squirt as well!


The Incredibles 2 - We all know that Bob Parr is Mr. Incredible, but he's also an incredible dad in this sequel to The Incredibles.  When Elastigirl (aka Mrs. Incredible) is called on to lead a new superhero initiative that should once and for all allow supers to return to public life, Mr. Incredible becomes a stay-at-home dad.  Like lots of other men, he dutifully cares for the needs of kids - sometimes with a bit of a struggle.  I mean, it's not easy helping out your teenage daughter as she is stood up by the boy she loves, figuring out all this "new math" homework that your son brings home from school, and dealing with a newborn baby who does not want to go to bed.  I think this movie will leave all dads happy though that at least their baby doesn't have Jack-Jack's super powers to handle!  While he loves his life as a superhero, I think Mr. Incredible would agree that his best job is being dad.


Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi - While it may be in Episode V that Darth Vader delivers the iconic dad line "Luke, I am your father," it's really in Episode VI that Star Wars fans get to look deeper at the complex relationship between Luke and Darth Vader.  For Darth Vader it's his intense love of family that both drove him to the Dark Side and returned him from it.  While Anakin Skywalker had been struggling with the pull of the Dark Side for some time, he fully turned to it and became Darth Vader after suffering the tragic loss of Padme.  Fast forward to his battles with Luke.  He battles his own son and tries to convince him to join him on the Dark Side.  But when Luke's life is in peril and the Emperor is about to kill him, Darth Vader disappears and and Anakin becomes a dad again, saving his son at the expense of his own life.  Luke, Leia, and friends give Anakin a farewell fit for a Jedi and at the end of the movie we see his true self restored.  A father's love is even stronger than the Dark Side - now that's power!


The Lion King - Ok, I know the dad dies in this movie so maybe it's a bit of a downer on the Father's Day list.  However, this movie once again shows us the power of a father's love and influence on our lives.  There is no doubt that young Simba idolizes his father and the lessons his father teaches him as a cub are powerful.  So powerful in fact, that despite Mufasa's death while Simba is still a young lion cub, Simba is able to recall the voice of his father - "Remember who you are."  The life and death of Mufasa have a profound impact on Simba and allow him to grow into the ruler that is confident and strong enough to return to the Pride Land and restore it to greatness.  I mean is there any line more dad-like than, "I've got to teach my son a lesson"?

The Little Mermaid - This is for all the daddy/daughter duos out there.  My dad would say this is his all time favorite Disney movie.  King Triton is father to a number of teenage mermaids - imagine how much drama goes on in his underwater castle. . .right?!? When his headstrong daughter, Ariel, falls in love with a human, daddy gets a little upset.  Maybe a lot upset.  Like any father, he's worried about his little girl and how dangerous the human world would be for her.  Ariel rebels against her father and makes a deal with Ursula the Sea Witch to become human and get the prince to fall in love with her.  When the deal falls apart and Ariel may have to pay with her life, Triton makes the ultimate sacrifice and takes Ariel's place in the contract - giving the Sea Witch his power and title as ruler of the ocean.  But Ariel and Prince Eric, her human boyfriend don't give up and defeat Ursula to restore her father to his former self and position.  Dear dad realizes how much Ariel loves Prince Eric and ultimately makes the difficult choice to allow her to become a human and follow her dreams.  You can tell just how hard this is for him and how much he loves her when he kisses her goodbye at her wedding to Prince Eric. 

So that's it!  My top five movies to watch with dad and celebrate him on his special day!  What did I miss?  Which Disney movies are your favorites to watch with your father??



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