How to Disneybound for Work

A few weeks ago, I decided to do a little experiment and see if I could do a whole week of Disneybound looks that were fashionable, professional, and recognizable.  I got a lot of love on social media with my posts and decided to follow-up here with some ins and outs of how to add a magical touch to your day by incorporating Disneybounding.

Keep it simple - I almost exclusively use solids when putting together a professional Disneybound look.  Many Disney characters have certain colors that are associated with them which, when mixed appropriately, can create a character inspired look without being over the top.  Below you can see that I took a solid red shirt and gold skirt to create my Winnie-the-Pooh outfit.  I was attending a conference for work and most people would never know I was Disneybounding, but once I shared that I was going to an advanced screening of Disney's Christopher Robin that night, I had several people say "you even look like Pooh Bear!"

Don't forget to accessorize - The accessories in a Disneybound can sometimes really put some polish on a look.  Without the pops of yellow from the necklace and earrings, the outfit below would not represent Dory.  I always keep my eyes open for fun accessories on the sale and clearance racks in stores.  For example, a simple red rose necklace paired with a yellow sundress can easily become Belle.  And the shoes!  Don't neglect your choice of footwear.  Cinderella would tell us that a pair of shoes can change your life, and I'm telling you a pair of shoes can change your Disneybound.  With my Ariel outfit, I couldn't incorporate her red hair into the actual clothing, but let it pop up in the shoes.

Have fun! - If you're fortunate enough to work in a place that let's you have fun with some your clothing some days, take advantage to go a little overboard!  I'm a middle school assistant principal so I get to participate in spirit weeks and goofy events on a regular basis.  To my kids and staff, I'm known for my love of Disney and they fully expect me to break out my Minnie looks whenever I can.  The beauty of Disneybounding is that you can have fun, but then quickly flip the switch back to professional if needed.  In my Minnie Mouse outfit, the red dress is simple and professional so all I have to do is remove the ears and gloves if I need to look a little more serious during the day.

Remember that at the end of the day, Disneybounding is all about the fun you have showing your Disneyside.  Whether you're channeling your inner Disney princess or your favorite cartoon friend, your friends and co-workers will certainly enjoy guessing who you are each day!


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