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Finding Dory is simply put a phenomenal blockbuster sequel to the original Finding Nemo!  With so much laughs and heart wrapped into these fish, it's easy to fall in love all over again!  Check out my favorite quotes from the film and keep scrolling for your chance to access FREE printable activities to enjoy with your family!

Favorite Quotes from Finding Dory

"What is so great about plans?  I never had a plan!. . .the best things happen by chance.  And that's life." ~ Dory

"It means, you can do whatever you put your mind to, Dory." ~ Jenny

"You lost a tentacle?  Well, then your not an octopus, you're a septopus.  I may not remember, but I can count." ~ Dory

"We will never forget your Dory. And we know you will never forget us." ~ Jenny

"You trust Becky?!? Becky is eating a cup!!" ~ Marlin

"Darn it, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't forget you." ~ Dory

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Finding Dory FREE Coloring Pages and Activities

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