Fitness Challenge - Week 1 Recap

Perfect month so far!
So week one of my fitness challenge is in the books and I'm still on track! I have to admit that there were some nights that were a bit of a challenge this week which speaks to the dedication that it takes to maintain a fitness regimen.  Over the course of the week, I got in a few runs of a couple miles each and also completed a several Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workouts.  Here's what I lost and gained this week:

**I lost time.  Time is precious in my life.  I get up at 5AM, out the door at 6:30 to make the daycare drop off, to work by 7:15, leave work around 5PM, get the kids from daycare, cook dinner, bath time and bed for the kids between 7 and 8.  Only after then, do I get the chance to start my workout.  And if I'm working out then I'm not able to get laundry / blogging / cleaning / resting into the nighttime schedule.

**I lost about 2.5 lbs and several inches.  I should have done official measurements before the month began, but even without those I can already begin to feel a difference in how my clothes fit.

**I gained more energy.  Despite being strapped for time to squeeze everything into the day, I walk away from my workouts feeling more energized then before.  There were two days this previous week that I had headaches after work and almost gave up on getting a workout in.  However, after getting up the motivation to work out, I felt much better - not just that evening, but into the next day too.

**I gained strength and endurance.  One of my favorite things about working out is how quickly results and progress can start to be noticed.  As my runs are getting longer, I'm hanging in well with the increase in distance and my endurance during the 30 Day Shred videos is improving each day as well.

This next week is going to bring even more challenges as I have three evening activities to juggle on top of my usual work days.  I plan to harness the benefits I've seen week one to motivate me through completing week two.


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