The Many Lands of Magic Kingdom - Frontierland

Frontierland's famous attraction - Big Thunder
Mountain Railroad!
Today, we end our tour of the lands of Magic Kingdom with Frontierland.  Frontierland is where the wild, wild west meets Walt Disney World fun! While Frontierland is home to one of my favorite rides in the park, it is probably the place I have spent the least amount of time on my recent trips.  This is a relatively small area of the park tucked back behind Liberty Square, but boasts two of the three mountains to conquer in Magic Kingdom - Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Those two mountains are probably what draw most people to Frontierland.  But there are a few attractions that you might miss out on that are especially friendly for preschool kids - my travel specialty!

The first attraction that is a preschool favorite is the classic Country Bear Jamboree.  This audio-animatronic country music show features singing bears and lots of laughs.  It's also one of the last attractions that Walt Disney actually helped design.  The roughly 15 minute show is inside an air conditioned theatre which provides a nice break in the middle of a long day at the parks.  Another favorite among small children is Tom Sawyer's Island.  Accessible from a raft in Frontierland, this island has adventures on several trails throughout the island.  With plenty to climb on and space to run around while boasting a great deal of shade, this is the perfect place for little ones to burn off some energy when the crowds and lines become a bit much in other parts of the park.

Be on the lookout for characters located
throughout Frontierland!
Frontierland is also home to one of the stops along the Walt Disney World Railroad which takes guests around Magic Kingdom.  If you know anything about Walt Disney, you probably are aware of his love of trains.  The old steam engines that circle the park are both a practical way to travel and a fun experience for the whole family.  As one of the many tours that are offered in Walt Disney World, your family can even get a behind the scenes look at the steam engines and the work that goes into preparing them for a day of passengers.  If you're looking to ride the rails while in Magic Kingdom, you can find stops in not only Frontierland, but also in Fantasyland and at the entrance of the park on Main Street, U.S.A.

Even though Frontierland is not one of the places where we spend a lot of time when we're in Magic Kingdom, it's not a place to be missed along our journey.  And I'm sure that as our children continue to grow, the thrills of Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will make it even more exciting!


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