The Many Lands of Magic Kingdom - Adventureland

Adventures await around every corner in Magic Kingdom's Adventureland.  We found this a great place to start the day as most of the crowds rush back to Fantasyland.  From Main Street U.S.A., turn left and cross the bridge into a world of excitement!
A 17 month old Brody enjoying his Magic Carpet ride!

Adventures in Agrabah - Adventureland is home to some pretty famous royals - Aladdin and Princess Jasmine! You can meet up with these two and explore their "whole new world" by flying high above Adventureland on your own magic carpet ride.  Just be careful - the camels that surround the Magic Carpets of Aladdin have been known to spit!  This ride is great for families with young children as it's a familiar design which is popular at a lot of carnivals and the wait isn't usually too long, even without a FastPass!

Adventures on the High Seas - Pirates are waiting around every corner in Adventureland. Take a cruise through treacherous waters on the classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but keep a look out for Captain Jack Sparrow!  This ride was just recently updated during a lengthy refurbishment in 2015.  And if you have little buccaneers in your travel party, they can get a makeover at the Pirates League to resemble the most fearsome pirates this side of the Caribbean.  If you plan to join the pirate crew at the Pirates League, be sure to make a reservation and note that there is an extra charge for this experience.
Showing off his Skipper's License from the Jungle Cruise!

Wildlife Jungle Adventures - There are two iconic experiences in Adventureland that you won't want to miss.  The first is the ever popular Jungle Cruise.  Join some of the most comedic skippers that you can imagine as they take you on one wild cruise spanning the globe!  And if you're lucky, your young adventurers may be selected to be a guest skipper on your cruise.  In addition, you can take a chance to cool off inside the Enchanted Tiki Room and take in a festive show with a few feathered friends.  The Tiki Room birds will spread laughter and delight to all!

Culinary Adventures - Don't miss one of the newest restaurants to hit Walt Disney World.  Jungle Skipper Canteen is a table service restaurant that serves tropical dishes with the humor and good times that you're used to experiencing on the Jungle Cruise.  And a trip to Adventureland wouldn't be complete without one of perhaps the most iconic Disney treats - a Dole whip!

Whether you're traveling to Walt Disney World for the first time or the hundredth time, you're sure to find adventure around every corner in Adventureland!


  1. Great overview. Pinning to reference for our trip next year. Have you ever eaten at the Blue Bayou? I remember seeing it when I was a child (Pirates was one of my top 3 rides) and wishing we could eat there.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Blue Bayou is in Disneyland and I've only traveled to Walt Disney World (although I hope to find my way to the West Coast one day soon!) While these attractions highlighted here are all in Walt Disney World there is a lot of overlap with some favorites in Disneyland. I hope you enjoy your upcoming trip!!

    2. Ah. I am afraid I forget some of which is in which park. It has been 30 years since I want to WDW and about 18 years since I was last at DL :-) Seems like WDW should add more to Adventure Land. DL also has the amazing Indiana Jones ride.