The Many Lands of Magic Kingdom - Tomorrowland

When you enter Magic Kingdom, breeze down Main Street U.S.A., and turn right at the hub, you'll enter a land that is out of this world.  Tomorrowland seeks to take you "to infinity and beyond" with rides and attractions themed around outer space and the future that is yet to be discovered.  Here are my top 5 experiences you don't want to miss when passing through Tomorrowland.

Welcome to Tomorrowland!
5. Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club - I think this attraction is an example of what makes a Walt Disney World vacation great.  You take a great Disney movie and add a bit of imagineering magic to create a magical experience the whole family will enjoy.  We all learned in Monsters, Inc. that laughter is more powerful than screams, so here at the Comedy Club you get to see some of your favorite monsters filling their laughter quotas.  The best part - you can be part of the show!  Guests can text jokes prior to the show beginning and monsters will frequently interact with visitors while throughout the show.  You can typically walk up to the theatre and not have to wait more than one show (15 minutes) to get in.

4. Carousel of Progress - Call me sentimental, but I had to put this on here.  This is a classic Walt Disney World attraction that is often overlooked.  In fact, it is so unpopular that back before they did away with paper FastPasses, this would commonly be an attraction that would pop out as a "bonus" ticket.  As you are seated in the theatre, you travel through time to see how life was lived and what we predict the future will bring.  I love these attractions where you get to see how people envisioned life in the 2000s back in the 1980s!  Bonus - you get to sit down and take a break from the Florida heat in this ride that is never crowded!

3. Incredibles Super Dance Party - The Incredibles are the only superheroes Disney can showcase this side of the Mississippi River so it's no surprise these guys (and gals!) and so popular among guests in Florida.  The dance party in Tomorrrowland gives you an informal way to meet up with Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, and Frozone as you whip and nae nae your way to a good time.  The party takes place each night and doesn't require any kind of line or ticket to join!

Even Baby Caleb is trying to get in on the fun!
2. Space Mountain - Here is another classic Magic Kingdom ride.  This indoor roller coaster, which takes place entirely in the dark, has been delighting guests since 1975 and a version of the ride is in every Disney park around the world.  The coaster itself is fairly simple, but it's the darkness and flashing lights that make it so thrilling.  This is definitely a ride to consider a FastPass+ reservation for as waits often build to an hour or better at peak times.

1. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin - I was torn between Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear for my top Tomorrowland pick, but ultimately I went with Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin because it's fun the whole family can enjoy - free of those pesky height requirements!  With little ones, we like to see what all four of us can do together.  The arcade game-like atmosphere of this game entertains everyone in the family from 1 to 100.  Once you depart Star Command, you'll join Buzz Lightyear as he tries to defeat Zurg in the ultimate battle.  Shoot your laser gun to collect points and see who can rack up the highest score in your family!

Tomorrowland is certainly a place where your imagination can soar to new heights!


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