Don't forget to eat your vegetables at 50's Prime Time Cafe

Remember all of those dinner rules you heard as a kid?

Keep your elbows off the table!
No dessert until you clean your plate!
Finish all your vegetables!

With a meal at 50's Prime Time Cafe in Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios, "mom" and your "cousins" will remind you of each of these golden rules of dining as you journey back in time.  As you may guess from the name, this table service restaurant, located next to Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, is themed after a 1950's family kitchen.  Black and white checkered decor reminds you of a simple diner while refrigerators, stools, and black and white televisions playing old reruns of some classic shows make you feel as though you are comfortably sitting in mom's kitchen.  What really completes the theme is the terrific wait staff.  The waiters and waitresses here "play" with diners asking questions about how the family has been since they last visited and checking on the cousins who are visiting.  And as they take your order, they'll pass it along to "mom" who is hard at work in the kitchen preparing a delicious dinner.

The food at 50's Prime Time Cafe features traditional comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, and pot roast.  My husband decided to order the Sampling of Mom's Favorite Recipes which featured fried chicken, meatloaf, and pot roast.  While it was an enormous amount of food, it did not disappoint!  Desserts were also large and palate pleasing.  We split Dad's Brownie Sundae and even with two of us it was too much to handle.

In true Disney spirit, 50's Prime Time Cafe immerses diners in a fun and playful environment.  While the food is tasty, it's truly the interaction with phenomenal cast members and the theming of this restaurant that set it apart from other choices in Hollywood Studios.  This is a great choice for little kids or picky eaters of any age as menu items are classic family favorites.  If you happen to stop by 50's Prime Time Cafe on your next trip to Walt Disney World Resort, say "Hi" to mom for me!


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