Great Apps for Capturing Your Memories!

While at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in New York City last month, we were shown two great apps that I have thoroughly enjoyed using over the past few weeks.  In my opinion, both of these apps provide a great way to capture favorite memories and experiences.

The first app is Magisto.  When using Magisto, you add your photos and videos then choose a theme and background music.  The way the app puts everything together is out of your control so you can't choose what you want to go first, second, etc.  However, I think you'll enjoy the way everything comes together for a final project.  This is a video that I created from our recent trip to a Baltimore Orioles game.  There is a free version of the app available, but what you are seeing here is the pro version though.  We received a code to get the premium version of the app free for one year "magistotrial12" which you can also use!  

The second app is Videolicious.  Similar to Magisto, Videolicious takes videos and photos to create a finished product.  One big difference is that you control the order in which your media files are displayed as well as the timing.  Here, you'll see Brody talking about what he is most excited to see and do on our upcoming Walt Disney World trip.  As you can see, some of my pictures were cut off.  Videolicious works best with photos and videos shot in landscape - something I'll have to keep in mind in the future.  I put this video together using the free version of the Videolicious app, but they have plenty of upgrades for purchase that look like neat tools.

Both apps are enjoyable and, if you're anything like me, you can easily spend an afternoon playing and reliving some great memories.  I hope that you have fun with these two apps!


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