Strolling in Walt Disney World

When you travel with little ones, a stroller is something that is extremely important.  And on a trip to a place like Walt Disney World, even kids that may not regularly use a stroller at home may find themselves wanting to take a break from the miles of walking and Florida heat.  So what options do you have for strollers in Walt Disney World?  Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your trip.

BYOS - Bring Your Own Stroller - This is my favorite option if it's feasible for you.  You can bring what your kids are used to and enjoy.  We LOVE our Bob Revolution SE strollers and I can't imagine a Disney trip without them.  We've traveled to Walt Disney World with the single version on our visits with Brody and have a double version now that we have two kids.  Even though these are mammoth strollers, they are comfortable for the kids and easy to push through the parks (although not always easy to push through the crowds).

Family pose with our amazing stroller in Epcot's World Showcase!

Stroller Rental - Another option that's available is stroller rentals in Walt Disney World.  If you'd prefer not to have to worry with your stroller on a flight and / or don't have a great stroller to last all day long in the parks, this might be a terrific option for you.  Each theme park has stroller rentals available.  A word of caution though - these strollers are hard plastic and cannot leave the park.  So each time you enter and leave the park you have to go through the rental check-in / check-out process.  Perhaps a better option might be looking at one of the many companies in Orlando that will deliver a stroller rental to your resort and it's yours for your entire length of stay.  If we ever travelled without our BOB (gasp!), this would be the option I would go for.  The rental agencies have nicer strollers than those offered in the parks - think City Mini and BOB Revolutions.  It may cost you a few more dollars then the park rentals, but the convenience of having the stroller the entire stay, delivery and pick up at your resort, and the higher quality make this a great idea.

Strollers in Walt Disney World are a necessity if you have young mouseketeers in your group.  Remember that comfort rules the day - happy kids = happy parents = great vacation!


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