Preschoolers? There's an App for That!

As parents of a preschooler, my husband and I use our iPad to often help entertain our son when we're in a situation that asks him to do the most difficult thing for any three year old - sit still.  Whether it's on an airplane or in a nice restaurant, a new app can sometimes be just the ticket to keeping a preschooler happy and - bonus points - they can learn something too!  Here are some of Brody's favorites from the iTunes store.

Jake's Never Land Pirate School - $2.99 - Brody has been a big "Jake Jake" fan for as long as I can remember.  The Pirate School app gives kids a chance to hunt for treasure, navigate down rivers in boats, fly with their pixie dust, and play in a band with Sharky and Bones.  Each time your child completes one of the activities, he can earn gold doubloons!  These games all reinforce problem solving skills while having fun "pirate style."

Doc McStuffins: Time for Check-up - $3.99 - We bought this app for Brody when we were getting ready for our trip to Disney.  In this app, there are a variety of games where kids get to be the doctor and fix their toys.  Our favorite game in the app is Mixupitis where the toys have the wrong body parts and you need to fix them.  When we first bought this at age 2, Brody had a little difficulty with some of the more complex activities such as using the "Big Book of Boo Boos," but is learning to get more and more confident each time he plays.

Mickey's Wildlife Count Along - $2.99 - Out of all of the apps we have used for Brody so far, this has to be his all around fan favorite.  It's a story about Mickey and the gang headed to the beach, but along the way they stop through the jungle, desert, arctic, and other fun places.  Each time they stop somewhere new, they encounter exciting animals and have to count how many of each they see.  The book also builds number sense at the conclusion of the story by going through a photo book of the trip and asking kids to pick which picture has "more" or "fewer" animals on each page.  It's a simple app that toddlers and young preschoolers will find both engaging and educational.

We are always looking for more fun and educational games to try with Brody.  Next, I want to add some of the Disney Imagicademy apps!  What are some of your favorite apps for preschoolers to try?

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