Be Our Guest Restaurant

Ever since I heard that Disney was opening Be Our Guest Restaurant, I have been waiting to go and check it out.  I loved Beauty and Beast as a kid and the idea of dining in the Beast's Castle was too much to pass up.  Unfortunately, scoring an ADR for dinner here is ridiculously hard and even at 180 days out, I can never seem to get one.  This trip though, I was able to grab a FP+ for lunch.  We had a FP+ return time between 1:05 and 1:35.

A beautiful stained glass window with Beauty and the Beast
We arrived at the restaurant around 1:00 and were welcomed across the bridge into the castle.  BOG is a quick service meal for lunch.  However, with the unique FP+ offered at this dining location you don't have your typical "counter service" experience.  When you book your FP+ (or any time thereafter), you can pre-order your meal.  If you take advantage of this, you can enter the restaurant right away without having to wait to order.  This is a great option as long as you don't have any food allergies.  The current ordering system online does not allow for you to make dietary requests like no cheese or hold the pickles.  Since Dan has some specific diet requests, we could not order online.  When we crossed the bridge, we were directed down a hallway of the castle lined with suits of armor and then entered the Beast's study where a server will direct you to a computer screen to order.  You can use the computer to choose your food, make specific requests, and pay.  When finished, you receive a magic rose that you can take to any table in the restaurant.  Magically, your food will find you!

We chose to eat in the largest dining room, the Ballroom.  Brody enjoyed the ambiance and the "snow" that was falling out of the large window in the back of the room.  The entire restaurant was beautiful and really made you feel like you were in the castle of Beauty and the Beast!  The dining experience was an enhanced by actually serving food on real plates with real silverware - something you don't see at other quick service restaurants.  As far as food goes, the lunch menu was mostly soups and sandwiches.  I found the Croque Monsieur to be delicious.  Brody and I also split a Triple Chocolate Cupcake.  By split, I mean that he MAY have let me have one bite! 

View of the Ballroom from our table
Overall, we really enjoyed the dining experience.  Brody had a small meltdown while we were waiting to order as there was a line, it was nap time, and we had a few glitches since we were trying to pay with a gift card instead of on our MagicBands or using the Dining Plan.  Despite the rocky start, I would definitely come back.  I'm still hoping to one day score the elusive ADR for a dinner reservation so I can try the table service menu and experience!

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