Dinner at Sanaa

While staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge (AKL), we ate at 2 of the 4 restaurants available at the resort.  Today I'm going to share with you our preference of the 2 that we visited - Sanaa.  Sometimes getting to restaurants at resorts is not an easy task on your Disney vacation.  Sanaa is one that is worth the trip in my opinion.

Location - Sanaa is located in the Kidani Village section of AKL and is the only restaurant in that part of the resort.  As this is where are room was located, this made Sanaa very convenient for us.  It's on the first floor and does feature some Safari viewing if you're lucky enough to score a table next to the window.  If you're coming from a park to have a meal here, you need to take the bus to AKL and then exit at the first bus stop which will be Kidani Village.  If you are coming from another resort, you'll need to go to a park to catch a bus to AKL.

Atmosphere - Sanaa is a perfect, family friendly table service meal without being too fancy.  I feel like some of the table service restaurants in Disney are so nice I'm afraid to take a toddler.  Here it was no problem.  I also have decided on this trip that if I'm going to pay for a table service meal or use table service credits from my dining plan, I'd prefer it to be actual table service and not a buffet.  The service was great and I much prefer being waited on during dinner than standing in a long line waiting for my food at a buffet.  The interior of the restaurant had many African touches that made the room inviting and comfortable.

Food - Delicious!  A nice change of pace from your usual park food.  I had the Tandori Chicken and it was wonderful.  The food is a nice mix of African and Indian flair and was prepared perfectly.  These flavors are a bit outside of our comfort zone, but Sanaa left us wanting more.  Our server was also great with Brody. We shared early on that he was a picky eater so probably wouldn't be interested in much of anything on the menu.  He brought Brody fruit to go with the yogurt we had packed and also brought out juice in a cool Toy Story cup that Brody loved!

Overall, Sanaa was a great choice on our vacation.  We would definitely recommend it to others and would eat there again on future visits!


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