Breakfast in the Hundred Acre Wood

It's been difficult to write a post lately with all of this winter weather bringing me down.  Thinking about sunny Florida is just difficult with the snow and ice piling up outside this week.  However, I've returned to my "happy place" with thoughts of Disney once again.  I decided to dedicate some of my posts in February to love.  Tonight, we'll start with the character breakfast that I LOVE the most - Crystal Palace.

Location - Crystal Palace is inside of Magic Kingdom, tucked just off of Main Street USA.  They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner which makes it easy to fit into your day at MK.  We opted to do a breakfast here which leads to a great tip that I alluded to in an earlier post: If you're doing a character breakfast in a park, book it before the park opens to gain early admission.  Even though the rides aren't open yet, you get some quality "alone time" in the park.  The day we did Crystal Palace was Brody's first ever visit to Magic Kingdom.  It was awesome to bypass the lines of waiting people, walk through the gates, and let Brody run towards the castle down Main Street!

Can you get a more perfect photo?  A big benefit of booking a character breakfast before the park opens!
Food - Like I said in earlier posts, I think the food is pretty much the same at any character breakfast. The food was hot, lots of good choices, and even my picky eater found some yummy things to eat!

Character Interaction - This is what set Crystal Palace apart for me.  At Crystal Palace you'll find the Winnie the Pooh characters including Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet.  The characters took A LOT of time with each child - really visiting and playing as well as taking pictures and signing autographs.  Brody had so much fun watching the characters with other kids and was really excited when they came to him!  
Brody had big smiles for his new friend Tigger!

The whole family had to get in on the picture with the bear himself - Pooh!

Overall Experience:
I LOVE this breakfast!  It's been my favorite so far with great characters, good food, and an excellent location inside Magic Kingdom.  They also have a dance party periodically during the meal where everyone can get up and march through the restaurant with the characters.  Brody was happy the whole time which makes for a happy mommy too!


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