How to Save Money on Disney Gift Cards with Your Target Red Card

Over years of traveling to WDW and after experiencing DCL for the first time last year, I can tell you a lot about restaurants, parks, resorts, etc.  In recent years though, I have also learned a lot about stretching those Disney dollars.  Of course you can almost always catch some special from Disney - whether it's free dining, 30% off rooms, etc. - but what about on top of that?  One of the newest secrets I've learned is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

The only requirement to access this deal is to have a Target Red Card.  As most of you probably know, Target offers 5% off all purchases in their stores when customers use their Target Red Card.  What you may not know (and it was news to me when I learned it in November) is that this includes most gift cards too - especially those Disney ones!

Disney Gift Cards can be used to pay for your room reservation, cruise reservations, restaurants in the parks, onboard accounts on the cruise ships, gift shops,, etc.  So let's say that you have a reservation booked and the vacation will cost you $3000.  You can go to Target and buy $3000 worth of gift cards for $2850 then call Disney or login to their website and pay with your gift cards.  Magically you've paid $150 less for your vacation!  (And of course this savings is on top of any discounts that Disney is directly offering.)

This does take some dedication.  Target only sells gift cards in $50 increments so you will have to buy lots of them to pay for your vacation, but a little extra effort to save some money may be worth it to you!  I also like the idea of buying gift cards to pay for vacation and my on property Disney expenses because it allows me to do it a little at a time.  When I get a few extra dollars for extra hours at work, I can go to Target and buy some gift cards to stash away for later.

Keep your eyes open in the weeks to come - more ways to save on your next Disney trip will be posted soon!

Saving money makes me happier than a one-eyed monster!



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