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Today Dan and I are a mere 91 days away from our next Disney Cruise.  We'll be taking a 4-Night Bahamian Cruise to celebrate my 30th birthday.  This cruise will be just the two of us as a little "romantic" getaway.  And of course the Disney fanatic in me couldn't more excited.

I can't possibly sum up the whole cruise in only one blog entry, but I thought I would use this particular post to give you a bit of an overview of Disney's Castaway Club.  I'm doing this at the 91 day pre-cruise mark for a significant reason - tomorrow is when we as Silver Castaway Club members can begin booking our excursions and onboard extras.  The Castaway Club is Disney's "thank you" program for returning cruisers.  After 1 cruise you get Silver Status, after 5 cruises you reach Gold Status, and after 10 cruises you get Platinum status.  There are many different perks you can find on the Disney Cruise website, but probably the most important is when you get to reserve your adult only dinners at Palo or Remy, time in the Spa, and book your shore excursions.

We're a middle child right now.  While Platinum members were able to begin booking at 120 days out, we can start booking today.  However, we do still have a jump on first time cruisers who don't get to book until 75 days out.  Does this really matter?  Well yes and no.  For most of what you want to do on the cruise, you are probably going to be OK even at 75 days out.  When we went last summer as first time cruisers, our entire group (6 adults and 3 kids) were able to book everything we wanted.  On shorter cruises though, things like the brunches at Palo and Remy book up fast because you only have one day at sea.  Also, the older ships (the Wonder and the Magic) only have Palo so dinner reservations are harder to get there.

So what must-do's are we booking on this exciting day?  The hardest reservation to get is going to be the Remy brunch.  We didn't eat at Remy on the last cruise and I really want to this time around.  Since we only have one day at sea, reservations are going to be limited and may be booked up.  I might be staying up until 12:01AM to do my best and get that.  The other reservations I think we'll be fine to still secure.  Dinner at Palo was fabulous and we can't wait to do that again.  And our only excursion we are booking is a Wine Luncheon at Graycliff Hotel.  Wish me luck as we inch ever closer to our cruise!

Drinks at Meridian before dinner at Palo - July 2013

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