Running into 2018

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 I begin each new year by setting some running goals for myself for the year.  Part of sharing my running adventures with you is to hopefully motivate you to challenge yourselves and to also help hold me accountable!  So after a few weeks of research and planning, I give you 2018 - the year in running!

My local races this year will be linked together in the Under Armour B3 Distance Series.  This series includes three races held in Baltimore over the year.  The first kicks off on Sunday, March 11 with the Shamrock 5K.  Just a few weeks later on Saturday, April 14, I'll be hitting the streets of Charm City again in the Sole of the City 10K.  Then I'll return to run even more of Baltimore Labor Day Weekend for the Charles Street 12.  I haven't run any of these races in the past and am excited about what I've heard from others about how awesome they are.  But this race series isn't all I hope to run in 2018.  I'm planning on heading down to my favorite race destination of all - Walt Disney World - in November to run the Wine and Dine Two Course Challenge which features the Wine and Dine 10K on Saturday and the Wine and Dine Half Marathon on Sunday.  I plan to train hard for the Sole of the City 10K in April so that I can get a good Proof of Time for my runDisney events and score a decent corral to give me lots of picture taking opportunities to fully enjoy my race experience.  
2016 runDisney Wine and Dine 10K
For the first time in forever (I know, I know. . .cue Anna!), I don't just want to set "completion" goals, but also time goals.  I thought about a half marathon goal time before I picked my races and thought that I would shoot for a 2:40 half as my previous best was 2:53.  However, I don't want to set a goal time to hit in Disney because I just want to have fun there.  Instead, I'm going to modify my goal and make it for the Charles Street 12 where I'd like to run sub 2:25.  In the past year, I've lost almost 25 pounds and hope to keep that trend going.  I think the combination of having less of me to drag through a race and the fact that the kids are getting older so it's getting easier for me to take more time to train, I'm optimistic that I'll be able to meet my goal.

I can't wait to see what these races bring this year and how I hopefully continue to grow and change as a person through my running.  What goals and dreams are you carrying into 2018?  

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