Disney Dooney and Bourke

Back from a little hiatus, I couldn't be happier to tell you about a new Disney related collection of mine - Disney Dooney and Bourke bags!  These are super cute and a great way to show some "hidden Mickey's" in your daily life.  I'm not normally one to spend lots of time or money in gift shops when I visit Disney so I've somehow overlooked these darling purses for too long and am now in love.

I've been a Coach fan for a long time and still enjoy their bags for the great quality, durability, and style.  While reading some of the Disney blogs that I follow, I saw a post about these and decided to check them out on the Disney Store website.  Dooney and Bourke is designer like Coach, but they have hooked up with Disney to put some pixie dusted magic into your accessories.  They have everything from wristlets to weekender bags and many cute patterns - some exclusive to the parks and cruise ships while others are available on the Disney Store website.  I've also become an eBay seller and buyer in the past couple of months and there are lots to look at on there too - some pre-owned and some new.

We all know that I love all things Disney, but I think a day-to-day purse covered in mouse ears may be a bit much for me (I'll stick to my Coach bags for that!), but the Dooney and Bourke wristlets have become a new favorite of mine when going out for a special meal or a night out on the town.  They'll also be the perfect accessory on the upcoming Disney Cruise that is now just over a week away!

How do you let your "Disney side" shine to the rest of the world?

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